Barnlab is a newly founded animal feed company owned in partnership by Kaonne Investments (Pty) Ltd and a selected group of individuals that combined their renowned expertise in the animal feed business. To fit into the business larger business model the stakeholders have recently focused on an expansion strategy by establishing their own feed mills throughout selected areas in South Africa. Barnlab has established and acquired several feed mills (22 500 tonnes per month capacity) in Southern Africa. The aim with its feed milling business is to carefully select higher intensity animal production areas with an ideal location in various provinces to further expand the feed business footprint. Expansion happens through acquisitions; partnerships; expansion of existing infrastructure or own development. In order to facilitate the expansion strategy, franchises of the Barnlab brand are available and the structure of such business deals and agreements are flexible.

Through Barnlab the shareholders have positioned themselves to pursue their common goal of furthering the business growth in the animal feed and production industries. In addition experienced and highly respected individuals are continuously joining the network to expand Barnlab’s expertise. The stakeholders and experts all complement each other, operating and interacting as a globally respected and  talented dynamic team of professionals that combine their expertise in order to provide a total package of products and value added solutions to the agricultural industry. The current focus is to promote on the animal production industry and the immediate future goal is to broaden the network’s scope in the bigger agricultural and especially animal nutrition sector by acquiring or establishing asset based investments.

Unique technologies and innovative feed formulation processes are developed and used through in-house intellectual property of all Barnlab’s experts in order to benefit and differentiate the business from other feed suppliers.

The Barnlab vision is to become the most reputable brand which will assist you in obtaining the highest return on your feed investment.

At Barnlab our mission is to identify and develop the best intellectual property solutions, which we can take to the market as soon as possible in order to ensure good value propositions that integrate theory and practice and which brings you the most advanced forms of technology that we can provide to the market. We strive to be the most innovative animal feed company in Africa and to be one of the best in the world due to the fact that we appoint the “best in class resources”. We furthermore strive to make a difference in production by adding measurable value and thus ensure cost efficiency.

The values that we hold dear at Barnlab are to deliver impeccable yet measurable value adding client service which ensures return on feed investment. We strive to always behave in a reputable manner by treating everybody with trust, respect, integrity, honesty and loyalty, thus fostering a culture of collaboration and respect for one and other.

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